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Technical Management of Tea Garden in Summer


1 tea garden irrigation

   Tea tree is perennial leaf cash crop, very high requirement for the water, especially in the higher-temperature growing season.    

2 shallow plough and weeding  

  Root out weeds including the root meanwhile plough shallowly. Shallow plough and weeding proceed four or five times once a year, it is better to proceed in the sunny day and the depth of hoe cultivation is 10!12 cm. 

3 tea straw  

   It is best to spread the straw in the full garden. If conditions are limited, then spread the straw close to the tea crowd. The complete stool of health straw. Health and green manure. Bean or pea family crop make up the forage is better. Tea straw proceed twice once a year, for the first time , proceed tea straw after the end of spring tea , shallow plough and weeding . second time , tea straw proceed after the end of summer tea . fall plough and weeding . the thickness of tea straw is 8!10 cm, the amount of grass is about 1500kg


4 reasonable harvest  

 During the drought period, tea picking should adopt the principle of frequent picking, picking in batch, picking at the right moment. Adopt the picking method of hold tender leaf or remain a piece true leaf and pick one spout one. two leaf or pick one or spout three leaf.   


 5 combine leaf dressing and worm  

During the drought period, it is easy to occur damage by disease and insect, cure it in time .foliage dressing is quick for absorption than the root fertilization, to enhance drought resistance of tea tree. So combining the leaf dressing and worming can add water and adjust the climate of village. As the temperature is very high during the drought period , except the density of insecticide and fertilizer is very low, it is better to choose a cloudy day , the morning or evening of sunny day to proceed.

  6 plant shade tree

  Planting shade tree is a main measure to adjust the climate of small village. As measured, plant fit shade tree in the tea garden, the direct light intensity can fade 35%!64%, air humidity can increase 10%, summer temperature can reduce 2!3Csurface temperature can reduce 4!4.5C, soil temperature can increase 3.2! 3.7C, may weaken the wind speed 1!4 times, the mining stage of spring tea can move up 7!10 days, the production of tea can increase 10%!33%, the production of famous tea can increase 1!3 times, the quality of tea can improve 2 or more grades.




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