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Art No Chinese name English Name    Products Image  Unit  Unit price FOB China (USD)
TF01 玫瑰茄 Receptacle of rose

(Mei Guiqie)

In bulk 15.50/kg
TF02 金蓮花 Chinese Globeflower Flower

(Jin lianhua)

In bulk 15.00/kg
TF03 紅巧梅 Hong Qiaomei

In bulk 22.00/kg
TF04 三七花 San Qihua

In bulk 20.00/kg
TF05 芍藥花 Herbaceous peony (Shao Yaohua)

In bulk 15.00/kg
TF06 苦瓜 Balsam pear (Ku Gua)

In bulk 15.00/kg
TF07 麥冬 The tuber of dwarf lily turf (Mai dong)

In bulk 20.00/kg
TF08 枸杞 Fruit of wolf berry(Gou Qi)

In bulk 10.00/kg
TF09 玫瑰花 Red rose (Mei Guihua) In bulk 9.00/kg
TF10 千日紅 Amaranth

(Qian Rihong)

In bulk 10.00/kg
TF11 桂花 Osmanthus(Guihua) In bulk 37.50/kg
TF12 胖大海 Pang Dahai In bulk 12.50/kg
TF13-1 百合花 lily flower(Bai He) In bulk 7.50/kg
TF13-2 百合片 lily (Bai He) In bulk 7.50/kg
TF14-1 金銀花 Honey suckle (Jin Yinhua) In bulk 30.00/kg
TF14-2 金銀花 Honey suckle (Jin Yinhua) In bulk 20.00/kg
TF15 Hunan wild chrysanthemum (xiang Ju) In bulk 25.00/kg
TF16 玉蝴蝶 Yu Hudie In bulk 15.00/kg
TF17 洋菊 Yang Ju In bulk 15.00/kg
TF18 康乃馨 Carnation (Kang Naixin) In bulk 8.00/kg
TF19 白雪茶 Bai Xuecha In bulk 20.00/kg
TF20 靈芝片 Glossy ganoderma tea (Ling Zhi) In bulk 20.00/kg
TF20-1 靈芝片 Glossy ganoderma tea (Ling Zhi) In bulk 50.00/kg
TF21 勿忘我 Wu Wangwo In bulk 12.50/kg

Total of eight ,No. 1


we would package in foil or PE bag:50G,100G,250G/bag, and package as your needs. if you have any problems, please to tell us as soon as possible.


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