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Price of Machinery

Tea bag machine Fittings for tea bag machines Over wrapping machine Green tea manufacture machine
Black tea manufacture machine Oolong tea process line Vacuum packing machine Two-pan balling machine
Polypropylene Bag Machine Machine Machinery for Agriculture & Forestry Packing Machinery Box making machine
Tea color sorter Distilling Equipment Wind Power Generator Hydroelectric Generator
Granular packing machine Tea and Coffee machine Jasmine tea machine & Flavored tea machine Drying machine
The Agricultural Of Drying machine Fresh Corn Peeling Machine Seed laboratory specialized equipment Sweet corn thresher
Manual coding machine Granulating equipment production line Capsule equipment production line Pelleting equipment production line
Screw Loader Tea seed oil expeller Tomato paste processing complete line Cages Production Line
Starch processing line Wooden door processing line Triangle tea bag machinery Cotton Processing Line
Automatic coding machine Instant noodle production line Palm oil refining line Wood pellet machinery
Vegetable plant line Meat Processing Line Sugar production line Herbal Tea Drying Machine
Yiyuan 2000BPH tea juice filling line    


Chicken equipment

Feed processing line

Agricultural machinery 





Building materials New energy Electric bike


Sports Products   Supermarket  equipments    

Video of Machinery

Process technology of green tea Process technology of black tea Production process of oolong tea
Production line JX010 tea bag machine operating instructions DXDCH-10A.rar
Type A machine note oil video.MPG MOV00152.MPG MOV00076.MPG

Instruction of Machinery

6TCH Series Drying Machine DXDCH-10A Tea Bag Machine 6TCBH-80 The Final Drying Machine

6TCCP-110 bottles of type deactivation of enzymes fry dry machine

6 CCQ-84 type of double pot Gunpowder fry dry machine 6CCQ-50柴type double-pan twisted hair roasting drying machine
6CCQ-50電 type double-pan twisted hair roasting drying machine 6CSP-60 bottles of type deactivation of enzymes fry dry machine 6CLC-60 type hexagonal fai dry machine
6CSP-110 bottles of type deactivation of enzymes fry dry machine JY-6CZK-20 Do green humidity control equipment JY-6CRT-40 Tea twisting machine
JY-6CHZ-32 type of tea dryer JY-6LHG-7 Longan meat dryer 6CHX-70 Rotary bakery titian machine
6CWC-100 Liquefied  gas roasted machine JY-6CWM-80 Multi-purpose loose bag screening powder machine 6CWY-85 Double cage wave green machine
JY-DZ-600II Vacuum packaging machine 6CH-3.0 10 16 20 30 type of turn plate dryer 6CSY-40 type of  plane circular sieve machine
6CFX-50 type of tea winnowing machine 6CEY-66 type of tea plane circular sieve machine 6CHP-941-type tea baking machine
6CHP-60-type the famous tea baking machine 6CHP-80(80-2)-type the famous tea baking machine 6CTH- 2.0- type sterilization titian machine
6 CTH-3.0、6.0、12.0- type tea titian machine 6CR-15、25、30 type of tea rolled machine 6CR-65 type of tea rolled machine
6CR5 (II) type of tea rolled machine 6CR-35、40 type of tea rolled machine RFL-5-type metal hot air stove
FP-50、100 -type spray streaming metal hot air stove RFL-2 (50、120) metal hot air stove FP-50、100-type metal hot air stove
RFL-15 (25、30) metal energy-saving hot air stove 6CMD-60,8 troughs multipurpose machinery 6CMD-40,5 troughs multipurpose machinery
6CLZ-60 11 troughs Vibration carding machinery 6CMD-40,7 troughs multipurpose machinery 6CSB one pot Flat Tea Machinery
6CSB—3 Three pot Flat Tea Machinery 6CFJ-70- type the tea fresh leaves sorting machine 6CEF-40 Blowing type tea sorting machine
6CXT-60 fresh leaf dewatering machine 6CJS—60  Deblocking  and Sieving Tea Machinery 6CJW—40,50 Deblocking Tea Machinery
6YCJW—40 Deblocking Tea Machinery 6CSF-500 super high temperature hot air fixation machine 6CST-60,70,80 Roller Continue Fixation Machinery
6CZS-150 Steam heat Fixation Machinery 6CZS-300 Steam heat Fixation Machinery 6CZS-50 Steam heat Fixation Machinery
6CST-30,40 Straight Bottom Fixation Machinery 6CSZ-40,50,60 Cone type of Roller Continue Fixation Machinery ND-199 separately packing machinery
CTN6CSF-100 Fixing machine YDYXDCH-10C Tea bag machine Video 6CSF-80 ultra-high temperature hot tea roller fixation machine
6CLZ60/8、11 carding machine 6CST30(40、50、60、70、80、100) Rotary drum fixing machine 6CTH6.0 and 12.0 fragrance machine




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