West Lake Longjing Green tea

Don’t know which tea fan re-edited the two famous poem lines of Su dongpo into a couplet:
      “If West lake is as beautiful as Xizi”,
       Then “excellent tea is always a beauty”
       Though the second line refers to Fujian Huayuan Tea,the two sentences together give a vivid depiction of Hangzhou.The significance and position of tea in Hangzhou is no less lower that that of West Lake.
      The world famous West Lake Longjin ranks No.1 in ten most famous teas in China and it is almost synonymous with Chinese Green Tea.
       A number of national-level tea institutions including China Tea Museum,China Tea Science Institute,China Tea Research Institute,China International Tea Culture Research Academy etc.gather in Hangzhou.
       The total green tea production in China accounts for 80% of total world volume,the total production in Zhejiang accounts for 40% of total national volume and the total production in Hangzhou accounts for 30% of total volume in Hangzhou.The total green tea production in Hangzhou accounts for about 10% of total Hangzhou volume,also total world volume.
        The tea houses in Hangzhou are also unique.There are over 700 tea houses scattered in the city area.The houses are well visited by tea fans,no matter they are primitive,modern,Chinese style or western style,The famous and elegant tea houses are full of visitors day and night.
        Spring in Hangzhou today is elegant and lively .Thousands of foreign tea loving guests come and cultural content of “West Lake Water and Longjin Tea”resurfaces,Becoming a platform of new industry and culture exchange.2005China(Hangzhou)West Lake International Tea Culture Exposition Will not only a big pageant,but also will build a brand of “Tea as a National Drink,Hangzhou as Tea City”.
          From earliest strong economic city through building a famous culture city up to building “Hangzhou as Tea City” and “The City of Relaxation”,Hangzhou is developing with more and more individuality and humanity.Material civilization of high degree have to be supported by deep spiritual civilization,just like the environment we need for “harmonious pioneering”and the experience that we need for “culture relaxation” This is also the intention to publish the magazine “Tea Panorama” with sufficient writings.

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