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Pu Tuo Fo Cha

Name: Pu Tuo Fo Cha (ӷ裩
Origin: Pu Tuo Mountain,Zhejiang
Sort: Green Tea

Brief Introduction:                

     Pu Tuo Fo Cha has a long history,since ancient,,the shaman planted and picked this kind of tea around temple,and used the tea to pray buddha and entertain guests.In Tsing Dynasty,it was runk as tribute.

    The form of the tea is slimtight and spiral,the color and lustreis green, floss is eyeable,the soup is olivine and bright, aroma is full-bodied.

    Pu Tuo Fo Cha should be picked  3~5days after Qing Ming,the standard is very strict,the fresh leaf should have one bud with one leaf or two leaves.

    The main process of making Pu Tuo Fo Cha include reducing green with pannikin, kneading,fluffing,agglomerating,baking,etc.

     Efficacy:Picking the leaf before rain and dunk in the spring water of Pu Tuo Mountain,it can treat lung pain and blood dysentery.