Lu Shan Yun Wu Tea

Lu Shan Yun Wu Tea: 廬山云霧
Where to make: in Jiang'xi province.

 Lu Shan Yun Wu Tea An old saying claims this tea increases longevity. The same mountains that make Tea farm near Lu Shan. Mt. Lu Shan one of the most beautiful peaks in China, and a celebrated resort, make the area good tea country. Lu Shan is located in Jiangsi province in a cleft between the Yangtze River and Lake Poyang, both of which help provide water for the mist and clouds that wreathe its peaks.
Here is where the Tea Sage Lu Yu wrote his famous book, which mentions
Lu Shan Yun Wu tea. About it the Tang dynasty poet Bai Juyi wrote:

Emerald tea trees on Lushan
Are hidden in swirling mist.
Light spring breezes waft perfume.
No wine can touch the senses
Like this tea made with spring water.

The plant from which this tea comes has stout, thick leaves covered with fine white down. The shrub was grown as early as the Tang dynasty. By the Song dynasty an excellent species had been developed and around A.D. 1000 its product became an imperial tribute. The beverage has a sweet taste and refreshing fragrance. This tea is rated among China's top ten.

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