How to import Chinese tea
from China

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Green tea
Black tea
Oolong tea
White tea
Yellow tea
Pu'er tea
Brick dark green tea
Jasmine  tea
Flavored tea
Blooming tea
Flower and herb tea
Health tea
Fruit tea
Gun powder tea
Golden tea
Tea pot and tea cup
Jing De zhen tea pot
Tea bag paper
Coffee maker
Tea box
Tea serving tray
Tea machine
Tea wine
Tea oil
Tea book and VCD
Tea package
Tea light refreshments
Instant tea
How to import tea from china?




PET、OPS、PVC Heat shrinkable label film


Label film is generally used to package irregular products and 8 colors and patterns can be printed on it. The lateral shrink ratio of the label film is 60-80% and the vertical shrink ratio of that is 3-5%. PET and OPS, which has the usual thickness of 0.03, 0.035, 0.04, 0.045 and 0.05mm, are environmental protective printing label film and can be used for the packaging of all products. Precision is requested in production and common difference is always not excess 1mm. The products are very flat and beautiful after shrinking. Copperplate printing is requested.

Product Applications:

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