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Plant extracts, Tea extracts, Extracts of herbal plants and other extract


· Functional food ingredients
· Natural fruit vegetable powder
· Diatary supplements
· Herbal extracts
· Natural male enhancement herbs
· Edible herbal oil
· Food additives
· Nutritional supplements

Functional food ingredients




Inulin control weight

can enhance the body immunity,cancer

used for infections, including the common cold


Corn oligopeptide>>> Wheat oligopeptide>>>

can be used in the synthesis of flavours

tablet for protecting liver decreasing blood lipids, resisting thrombus

Conjugated Linoleic Acid>>> Krill Oil>>> DHA Algae Oil>>>
Increases the metabolic rate used for heart disease can prevention and cure cerebral thrombosis

Tomato Seed Oil>>> Green Tea Seed Oil>>> Loquat Leaf Extract>>>
Prevent and restrain cancer effective in reducing the formation of cholesterol Improving the Immune Mechanism of the Skin

Psyllium Husk Powder>>> Chia Seed Powder>>> Cordyceps Militaris Powder>>>
Psyllium husk is an effective herb used to lose weight and in maintaining general intestinal health. Chia seeds are are an excellent source of protein, dietary fiber and Omega 3 fatty acid and contain no gluten. Cordyceps militarisis is a kind of medicinal fungi, which is the combination of the bacteria and fungi.

Euglena Powder>>> Phytosterols>>> Chlorella Pyrenoidosa>>>
Euglena is a genus of unicellular flagellate protists. improving urologic symptoms and flow measures Chlorella is a species of green algae that grows in fresh water.

Sodium Hyaluronate>>> Phosphatidylserine>>> Bamboo Leaf Extract Powder>>>
makes skin moist, glossy and elastic Improve children's concentration, alertness and memory can protects the blood vessel of brain and heart

Polyfructose>>> Chitosan Oligosaccharide>>> Oat Β- Glucan>>>
used as water or keep wet agent Promotion of calcium absorption Promoting the Synthesis of Collagen

Yeast Beta Glucan>>> Peony Seed Oil>>> Dunaliella Salina>>>
can enhance the activity of the immune system used in cold salads and cold dishes Scavenging free radical,Repairing sugar chain

Algae >>> Lutein Ester>>> Cordyceps Sinensis Fruiting Body>>>
protect against oxidative damage to body tissues Prevention of cardiovascular disease Increasing energy level and reduceing fatigue

Tea Extract



Green Tea Extract  (Tea Polyphenols)       

 20%—98% Polyphenols

Green Tea Extract    (Catechins)            

 20%—90% Catechins

Green Tea Extract     (Catechins/Ethyl Acetate Free)

 20%—80% Catechins

Green Tea Extract  (E-GCG)            

 70%—95% E-GCG

Black Tea Extract         

 20%—40% Polyphenols

Oolong Tea Extract        

 20%—80% Polyphenols

White Tea Extract          

 20%—90% Polyphenols

Tea Polysacaccharide      

 10%--30%  Polysacaccharide


 20%—40% Theaflavin

L— Theanine            

 10%—30% L—Theanine

Tea Saponins             

 60% Saponin

Instant Tea Powder       

  Instant Green Tea

  Instant Black Tea

  Instant Oolong Tea

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