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 Jasmine tea & Flavored tea fumigation


Principle and procedure

 This is a process of mixing flowers and tea germ. Jasmine decomposite of aromatic substances in the proper condition of enzyme, temperature, moisture, oxygen and so on,  Absorption of aromatic tea germ is in the physical adsorption,  with the fragrant smoke also absorb large amounts of water, due to water infiltration, resulting in a chemical adsorption, form a unique tea aroma, color and flavor.

Tea making machine

1.      drying, The tea germ should be dried to use, controlling the temperature, the high quality tea germ is in 100-110 degree, the middle and low quality tea germ is in 110-120degree . After baking the traditional process requires water in tea germ is  4-4 • 5%, can not use high heat drying, it would be burnt smell, affecting tea quality.

a set of drying machine 6TCH-20

Matching stove:FP100

Detail of the drying machine
Art No : 6TCH-20
Output : 200-210 kg/h
Moter: 1.5kw
Drying area; 20㎡
Oven floor; 6
Matching stove:FP100
Outsize (L×W×H) (mm): 9600×2120×1900mm

Unit Price (FOB): $12,380.00/set


2.      screening flowers, flowers open rate of 60%, the screen can be spent, the purpose of screening is divided flower, flower size, flower bud, removed green pedicle; by mechanical vibration, but also to promote flower opening. Flowers should be scheduled after the screening of the award with flowers piled up weighing a semicolon, if not the degree of openness should continue to conserve.

Shaking screen machine


Art No : 6TCED-45
Output Capacity: 300-400Kgs/h
Motor power: 1.47Kw
Machine size: 5950x1400x2620mm

Unit Price (FOB): $5,200.00/set

This product is one of the dedicated machine,suitable for refined tea ,you can screen out the thickness of tea, after fumigated tea and flowers.


3.      baking machine

Art No : 6TCHT-6.0
Motor Power :  12.8Kw
Output : ≥40Kg./h
Machine size:1180x1080x1880mm
Machine Weight:320Kgs
Tray Number:12pcs 

Unit Price (FOB): $2,739.00/set

This machine based on "low-temperature long-roasted raising aroma" principle, for the tea to enhance fragrance.  temperature, time (delivery volume) can be automatically controlled, there is a wind angle at the baking tray with tea, so that hot air through the tea, to improve drying efficiency. The aroma in the process of the system would not be spilled.


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