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Vietnam is an agricultural country whose agrarian production accounts for 90% of GNP. Her land areas are immense and suitable for development of various industrial crops. Vietnam has a long standing tradition and customs of growing and drinking tea. 
She takes eighth place among the main tea producing countries.


Vietnam Tea Statistics

Production (1998): 42,000MT


Share in world production (1998): 1.4%

Area under Tea(1998): 71,000 hectare

Green tea production: 31,000 MT

Export (1998): 16500 MT

Tea Growing Areas

The high land area, over 600 meter above sea level is 50000-60000 hectare.

The midland area, 300 meter - 500 meter above sea level is 90000-100000 hectare.

The strip of land adjoining central and north Vietnam- 7000 hectare

Developments in Tea

Tea was industrialized in 1918, when Union of Vietnam Tea Farming- Industry Enterprises (UTE) came into being.

There has been a great importance to the research and application of new technologies in order to bring i fundamental changes to the farming and manufacturing systems of tea for quality products. Vietnam Tea Research Institute is mainly responsible for these activities.

Export destinations

Eastern European countries, Middle East, North Africa, Hong Kong, Japan, UK, France etc.

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